Lurchi – Putting the Fun Factor Back into Buying Shoes

Finding a pair of comfortable shoes that fit well and look good isn’t always easy – even for adults. For most children, though, trying on different shoes is tedious and boring. Trying on and buying shoes really should be more of an experience – after all, children are natural explorers. For them a pair of shoes doesn’t only need to fit, it should be amusing; and for the older kids, footwear needs to look ‘cool’. It’s mainly the adults who concern themselves with whether new shoes are sturdy, hard-wearing, practical and above all appropriate for their child.

Buying shoes can be a lot more fun, however – especially when Lurchi, the cartoon figure that advertises Salamander, is involved. The jolly yellow and black spotted salamander and his five friends – Hopps the frog, Mäusepiep the mouse, Piping the dwarf, Igelmann the hedgehog and Unkerich the toad – have enjoyed many journeys of discovery. Their exciting adventures are illustrated in the Lurchi comics, green booklets written in the familiar Lurchi script and distributed free in shoe shops at the start of the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons. Without preaching to readers, the comic books promote values such as friendship, trust and loyalty. With the help of his gang – and wearing the right footwear, needless to say – Lurchi heroically faces up to all kinds of challenges.

Successive generations of parents and grandparents still think of Lurchi and his friends with fondness. They may have grown out of Lurchi shoes a long time ago, but they continue to pass on the affection and trust they associate with the brand to their children and grandchildren. With 145 Lurchi comic books having appeared so far, the cartoon salamander’s cult following continues to grow.

The little salamander pops up on all the footwear in Lurchi’s attractively fresh and sporty collection – so trying on shoes is great fun, even for the youngest customers.